Bei einer Bekannten geklaut, und mal ein bißchen was anderes.

Last person who..

1. ..slept in your bed:
I guess thats me.
2. ..saw you cry:
Err.. again me.
3. shared a drink with:
Depends on what is meant by sharing a drink. I’d say my girlfriend.

Have you ever..

1. ..said „I love you“ and meant it?
2. ..gotten in a fight with a pet?
Sure. Who has never had a fight with some cat?
3. ..been to California?
Nope. Although I’d like to!
4. ..been to Hawaii?
5. ..been to Mexiko?
6. ..been to China?
Not even sure if I’d like it there.
7. ..been to Canada?
8. Worst feeling in the world:
To be left alone.
9. Boyfriend:

Yes, I sorta am.
10. ..been Bungee jumping?
Surely not.
11. ..made yourself cry to get out of trouble?
He? Maybe when I was three or four?
12. ..cried when someone died?
13. ..done something you regret?
Come on, who hasn’t?

In the last week, have you..

1. ..cried?
2. ..bought something?
Spending a whole week without buying something (!) is kinda difficult.
3. ..gotten sick?
4. ..sang?
I have to admit: I have.
5. ..wanted to tell someone you love him?
Difficult question. Er.. yes and no.
6. ..met someone new?
8. ..hugged someone?
9. ..kissed someone?
My girlfriend was around. What do you suppose?

Are you..

I don’t know.. yes?
2. ..arrogant?
I am told that I am.
3. ..hungry?
Umm. Sometimes?
4. ..organized?
Heh. Just the regular amount.
5. ..shy?
Not much.
6. ..difficult?
I can be.
7. ..bored easily?
That depends on the situation. Generally not, no.
8. ..addicted?
Hehe. If I was, would I write that down here?
9. ..angry?
Pretty often, yep!
10. ..happy?
11. ..hyperactive?
Naa. I’m kind of a dumb person.

Extra stuff:

1. Do you take drugs?
Fabric softener.
2. What are you most scared of?
Loosing physical control.
3. Where do you want to get married?
Hm. Somewhere fancy.
4. Who do you really hate?
Dumb people.
5. Do you drive?
Yes, I do.
6. Do you have a job?
Yes, I do.
7. Do you like being around with people?
That depends on the people. See above.
8. Song that sticks in your head a lot:
As of current, Angels & Airwaves, Everythings Magic.
9. Do you want kids?


1. Room in the house:
The living room.
2. Colour:
3. Month:
Any warm one.
4. Food:
5. Girl name:
Don’t know
6. Boy name:
Don’t know
7. Subjects in school:
All breaks.
8. Animal:
If I have to choose: Cats.
9. Music:
Rock n‘ Pop.
10. Smell:
Fabric Softener.
11. Desktop picture:
The green lawn in Windows XP
12. DVD:
Umm. The Friends-Series.

Fashion stuff:

1. Where is your favourite place to go shopping?
Kaufhof, Mönckebergstraße.
2. What is your sexiest outfit?
Err. You don’t want to know.
3. What is your most comfortable outift?
All of them. I hate beein uncomfortable.


1. What kind of shampoo do you use?
Axe Click.
2. What are you listening to right now?
Friends, S5E1.
3. Who is the last person who called you?
My dad.
4. How many buddys are online right now?


1. In the morning..
.. dying is the best option.
2. All you need is:
A lot of stuff.

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